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Virtual Domestic Violence Prosecution Summit
March 4, 2021
Cost: $50

A virtual gathering of prosecutors diving into topics related to domestic violence prosecution. There will be four different lectures throughout the day, and you may attend one, some or all of them. Students will learn from experienced faculty about keeping reluctant victims on board, how to handle invasion of privacy cases, utilizing forfeiture by wrongdoing procedures, how child, domestic and animal abuse intersect and strategies for jury selection in domestic violence cases. This course is appropriate for all levels of experience for prosecutors and others who represent the government in DV prosecutions.


Click here for the full agenda and speakers. Attendees of the full course will be eligible for 4.5 hours of CLEs.

Registration is now open. Click here to sign up. 


Virtual Evidence Boot Camp
March 5, 2021

*The maximum class size for this training has been reached.*

This one-day trial advocacy virtual course will teach inexperienced prosecutors how to use the Indiana Rules of Evidence. Students will hear lectures on the rules and then immediately put them to use solving evidentiary problems in the case of State v. Zeb Jones. Learn relevancy, hearsay and foundations to get your evidence in. Course materials will be provided prior to training. Students will be expected to be familiar with the provided case file and be prepared to participate in mock trial exercises.

Click here for the agenda. 


Webinar IV-D Criminal Nonsupport
March 12, 2021
Noon - 1 p.m.

Felony Nonsupport cases are reserved as a last resort in enforcing child support, but sometimes you just run out of options.  This Webinar will be presented by William Welch, Erik Murray, Marcus Misinec and Donna Marsh, who have extensive criminal nonsupport experience.  They will talk about the practices that they found to be most beneficial in developing and maintaining a nonsupport program and the lessons they have learned in how to decide which cases to file, how to prepare a nonsupport case for filing and what plea offers make the most sense in such cases.    

This webinar is worth 1 hour of CLE credit. Registration will close at midnight on March 11, 2021.

Please note that this webinar is limited to the first 250 people to register. The presentation will recorded for those unable to attend. 

Attendees will receive an email with a link to join the webinar the morning of March 12. If you do not receive the link by 9 a.m. March 12, please email Kasey Nell at knell@ipac.in.gov

To register, click here.


Brady-Giglio and IPAC Model Policies 
March 19, 2021
Noon - 1 p.m.

Law enforcement officers are witnesses in every criminal case. A recurring set of issues surrounds whether any impeachment evidence exists about them and how best to acquire this information. This webinar will briefly review the seminal Brady-Giglio decisions and consider in depth the IPAC’s recently published model Brady-Giglio policies. These model policies have been developed as an aid to resolving recurring practical and ethical issues surrounding the release of relevant impeachment evidence.

To register, click here.




Traffic Safety Conference
April 12-14, 2021
Embassy Suites / Noblesville

This three-day conference is a multi-jurisdicitonal training for law enforcement, prosecutors, and other traffic safety stakeholders. It will focus on a variety of traffic safety issues, as well as give SFST Instructors and DREs an opportunity to recertify any relevant requirements. The lectures will be held over a two day period on topics including drugged driving, sovereign citizens, toxicology, and the effects of marijuana legalization on impaired driving.

Registration is expected to open in March. 


Sentencing Hearings and the New Double Jeopardy
April 15, 2021
Noon - 1 p.m.

The Supreme Court gave us a new way to analyze substantive double jeopardy claims last year in Wadle and Powell and the Court of Appeals has been busy applying these new rules. Glenn Johnson will summarize the lessons learned so far. Jim Oliver will recap the rules of sentencing and encourage you to become an active advocate at the sentencing.

Check back for registration.


Trial Advocacy I - Prosecuting Drug Cases
April 26-28, 2021
Grand Wayne Convention Center / Fort Wayne

This in-person, 3-day course is designed for deputy prosecutors with little or no jury trial experience and an interest in prosecuting drug cases. This course takes the student through a drug jury trial from voir dire to closing argument. We will cover a variety of skills/topics necessary to success: constructive possession, suppressions, skilled witnesses, admitting/authenticating evidence, chemists/lab reports, and much more. Students will hear a lecture from an experienced prosecutor on a particular trial skill and then perform that skill in small groups and receive feedback on their performances. Students will be expected to be familiar with the provided case file and be prepared to fully participate in mock trial exercises.

Registration is expected to open in early March. Class size is limited to the first 30 qualified applicants. 




Virtual Zero Abuse Training
May 4-5, 2021

The Zero Abuse Project envisions “A world where every child is free from abuse.” This national organization brings us a series of child abuse lectures designed for multidisciplinary child abuse investigation and prosecution teams. Prosecutors, DCS attorneys, investigators, family case managers, advocates and forensic interviewers are all encouraged to attend as part of their multi-disciplinary team.

Registration is expected to open in April.


Spring Seminar
May 21, 2021
Marriott North / Indianapolis

IPAC's annual one-day conference for prosecutors. Attendees will hear from several speakers, including a Case Law update and a legislative update summarizing new laws from the 2021 session. More details to come.




Summer Conference
June 16-18, 2021
The Westin / Indianapolis 

IPAC's annual three-day conference, featuring speakers from Indiana and across the country. More details to come.




COVID-19 and Criminal Rule 4
July 15, 2021
Noon - 1 p.m.

The pandemic wreaked havoc on everyone's trial calendar. Many criminal cases have been delayed much longer than normal, resulting in Motions for Discharge, even in counties where that is rare. Jim Oliver will give you a framework for understanding Criminal Rule 4 and its calculations and give tips on how to avoid losing cases to CR 4 violations during this time of upset.

Registration will open at a later date. 




Office Administrators Conference
August 10-11, 2021
The Renaissance / Carmel

The Office Administrator course is designed for all office professionals who serve Indiana’s prosecuting attorneys. The OA course will include topics such as charging within the INPCMS system, victim advocacy and domestic violence, as well as others. A break out session for office staff, office managers, victim advocates and investigators will provide an opportunity for collaborative problem solving within your area of expertise. This well-balanced course will provide valuable information for all office professionals, and will be offered free of charge to the first one-hundred registrants.

Registration is expected to open in July.


Trial Advocacy I - OWI prosecution
August 24-26, 2021
Crowne Plaza at Union Station / Indianapolis

OWI Trial Ad I gives new prosecutors an opportunity to try a hypothetical case from beginning to end with input from experienced attorneys around the state. This hands-on experience prepares young prosecutors to try these difficult cases. The course contains a mix of lecture and workshops on trial skills such as opening and closing, and OWI subject matter such as the admission of breath test tickets. Day two of this training also overlaps with Cops in Court, in which officers are brought in to partner with the prosecutors in a simulated direct examination and receive feedback. This course is designed for new prosecutors with limited jury trial experience.

Registration is expected to open in July.




Bail after Yeager v. State
September 9, 2021
Noon - 1 p.m.

The world of cash bail, bond, pre-trial release and related issues is rapidly changing in Indiana.  As the new Criminal Rule 26 is gradually applied and tested at initial hearings and bond reviews, Prosecutors are working to adjust, while at the same time, argue to keep their communities safe.   In this webinar, we'll discuss where things stand with bail in Indiana and how appellate courts have interpreted the factors in Criminal Rule 26 with the latest court decisions.

Registration will open at a later date. 


Cross Examination
September 14-15, 2021
Embassy Suites / Noblesville

A deep dive into the intricate aspects of cross examination. This course will focus on specific issues such as controlling difficult witnesses, preparing for cross examination, and how to cross specific types of witnesses.  Students will receive several different fact patterns and should be prepared to participate in mock examinations with experienced faculty critique. Difficulty of fact patterns will range based upon level of trial experience. This course is designed for trial attorneys of varying experience level, but is optimal for those with less than seven years’ experience trying cases.

Registration is expected to open in August.


Juvenile Summit
September 24, 2021
Indiana Government Center South / Indianapolis

This one day gathering is for all prosecutors working in the juvenile arena. Do you use words like respondent, petition, and determinate sentence - and get blank stares from your non-juvenile justice co-workers? Join us in a training specifically designed to keep you up to date on juvenile matters and teach you new techniques for dealing with the unique demands of our juvenile system. 

Registration is expected to open in August.




Applied Professionalism
October 22, 2021
Indiana Government Center South / Indianapolis

Veteran prosecutors will review the ethical obligations of prosecutors and our relationships with victims, defendants, defense counsel, the courts and the media. Real-world situations will be analyzed and students will understand the practical application of these ethical rules. This course is an absolute must for new deputy prosecutors. This course qualifies for the new attorneys Applied Professionalism course.

Registration is expected to open in September.


Public Relations and Media Summit
October 28, 2021
Embassy Suites / Noblesville

Love it or hate it, managing media is a must for any elected prosecutor, regardless of county size or media market. This course discusses smart concepts for maximizing reach to constituents via print, electronic, or television media, as well as social media. Hear from prosecutors who have handled large, public interest cases on how they handled the public and media scrutiny. Faculty will also discuss ethical considerations. This course is designed for elected prosecutors, chief deputies, public information officers and prosecutors who speak to the media.

Registration is expected to open in September.




Winter Conference
December 5-8, 2021
Sheraton at Keystone Crossing / Indianapolis

IPAC's annual four-day Winter Conference featuring speakers from Indiana and across the country. More details to come.


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